Product Design

Bring us your product idea, fully developed specification, schematic, or working prototye and our engineering services group can help move your product into the manufacturing phase.

IPC MemberWe offer complete electronic design services including electrical, mechanical and software design. We can provide circuit schematics, PCB design and layout along with manufacturability assessments. Planning, Specification, Design, Verification, Prototyping, and Validation are key phases of our product design and development process. Through periodic and systematic design reviews, we keep you the customer engaged as part of the process.

Our design services have been employed to develop a variety of systems and products including multichannel wireless soil moisture monitoring, multinode fuel mix prevention, in-service sonar pipe inspection, industrial sprinkler controls, wireless vibration monitoring, motor throttle controls, wireless valve controls as well as direct sequence and frequency hopping radios.

We have the resources to make your product a reality.